On any early weekend morning and sometimes during the week when he gets a chance, fellow San Diego UPS member and veteran La Jolla Shores diver Steve Gardner can be seen getting into his distinctive "bumble bee" wetsuit for yet another exciting shores dive. Steve has few peers in his knowledge of the shores underwater terrain and its fauna. After having logged a number of dives with Steve at the shores, it is very evident that branching photographic opportunities abound in this area for those who are willing to seek out these sometimes elusive ocean dwellers. Steve is particulary fond of the nudibranchs and has graciously consented to putting some of his images for the rest of us to enjoy!

Send Steve E-Mail at stevebumblebee@san.rr.com

Before throwing your gear into the car in anticipation of a great dive at the shores, you may want to take a look at a video snapshot of the shores area updated hourly courtesy of the Coastal Imaging Lab, in the College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences at Oregon State University to check out surf conditions.

Let us now enjoy the fruits of Steve's labors, some of the beautiful images recorded during his many years of diving at the shores.

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Picture File List
Image File Size Genus Species
steve1.jpg 82K Dendronotus sp.
steve11.jpg 76K Fabellina iodinea
steve12.jpg 72K Acanthodoris rhodoceras
steve14.jpg 59K Fabellina trilineata
steve15.jpg 29K Trotonia festiva
steve17.jpg 71K Berthella californica
steve18.jpg 43K Triopha maculata
steve20.jpg 43K Dirona picta
steve21.jpg 87K Doriopsilla albopunctata
steve22.jpg 99K Dendronotus iris
steve23.jpg 63K Dentronotus iris
steve24.jpg 70K Facelina stearnsi
steve25.jpg 44K Melanochlamys diomedea
steve27.jpg 79K Anisodoris nobilis
steve28.jpg 67K Diaulula sandiegensis
steve29.jpg 64K Polycera hedgpethi
steve30.jpg 82K Polycera hedgpethi
steve32.jpg 47K Janolus barbarensis
steve9.jpg 74K Acanthodoris hudsoni
steve6.jpg 73K Polycera atra
steve7.jpg 88K Cuthona divae
steve_3.jpg 91K Navanax inermis
steve_4.jpg 68K Berthella californica
steve_5.jpg 66K Chromodoris macfarlandi
steve_6.jpg 61K Hermissenda crassicornis
steve_7.jpg 61K Hopkinsia rosacea
steve_8.jpg 63K Aeolidia papillosa

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